LIFE IS ABOUT dreams. As human beings we have the unique capacity to look into the future, envision something, and then act on the present to bring our vision to reality. My life has been filled with so many dreams come true, and for that there are many people I am grateful to. To all my Dream Managers — past, present, and future — thanks for giving me one of life's most precious gifts, your time. You are my coaches, friends, teachers, pastors, brothers, role models, heroes, parents…and the occasional stranger providentially crossing my path. You have helped me live my dreams and comforted me when my dreams have been crushed and broken. Thank you.

To my readers…what a privilege it is to write for you. I am honored and humbled that in a world where altogether too many books are published, you choose to buy and read my writings. You will never know the gratitude in my heart.

To the ambassadors…those rare people who not only read my books but set about on a mission to share them with everyone who crosses their paths. Thank you for inviting me into your circle of influence.

In particular, I would like to thank…My father for igniting in me a passion for business. My brother Simon for teaching me about goal setting and planning. Tony Miller, you are a genius. Pat Lencioni, your support and encouragement are like a breath of fresh air. Bethany Hawkins for reading, and reading, and rereading the manuscript. Dan Brunnert and my colleagues at Beresford Consulting. And finally…the man who has single-handedly restored my faith in publishing, Will Schwalbe, it has been an absolute pleasure to work with you.

Something wonderful is about to happen!

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