No Company Program

You may be reading this book thinking, I would love a Dream Manager, but my company will never go for this! You may be saying to yourself, “I wish my company had a Dream Manager Program, but I'm not a manager. I'm just an employee!”

If your company doesn't have a Dream Manager Program, or won't start one, start it yourself! Gather a small group of employees — coworkers — not more than perhaps eight. Meet with this small group once a week, before work or during your lunch break. Talk about your dreams. Get a Dream Book. Make a Dream List. Begin to develop plans and time-lines. Follow the Dream Manager Program if you wish. Encourage each other. Keep each other accountable. When you need professional advice (financial, legal, fitness, diet, etc.), seek it.

Before long, others will want to join. Split your group in two groups of four, and allow four new members to join each group. New people with different dreams give us new perspectives on our own dreams and renew our enthusiasm to chase our dreams.

You will be amazed how a commitment to this simple process will transform your life and the lives of your colleagues. Begin now. You don't need to be a manager. All you need is two or more people who have dreams!

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