What's Your Dream?

As Simon walked into work, he paused in the lobby to read a plaque that had been there for more than a year now. Most days, he just walked straight past it because he knew what it said and he had things to do. But from time to time, he would force himself to stop and read it deliberately, as if for the first time, to refocus on the job at hand.

The plaque reads…


It's a question worth considering and a question that we should take the time to ask the people who are important to us.

In our corporate dealings, let us never forget that it is people who drive every business and organization. On both sides of every transaction, we find people. It is, therefore, people who decide whether corporations will be successful or unsuccessful…and people have dreams. In fact, the ability to dream is a big part of what makes us uniquely human.

The temptation is to convince yourself that your employees' dreams are not relevant to your business. That is only true if your employees are not relevant to your business — and if that were true, why would you employ them?

Most employees feel like they are being used. But if you can genuinely convince them that you have their best interests at heart, then you will reverse that belief, and in the process create a spirit of teamwork and loyalty rarely unleashed in the corporate world before now.

You can ignore people's dreams, but it will be at your peril. You are free to ignore your children's dreams, your spouse's dreams, your employees' dreams, your customers' dreams, and your nation's dreams. But in each of these areas of life, you will pay an enormous price if you do.

Dreams are invisible, but powerful. Think for a moment of electricity. You cannot see it, but it keeps everything going. Invisible, but powerful! If, for a moment, you doubt the power of electricity, consider what would happen if you stuck your finger into an electrical outlet. You would quickly be reminded of its power. Should you doubt that electricity keeps everything going, may I suggest that you turn off the electricity at your office tomorrow! I think you will find that little if anything gets done and that most of your employees will go home for the day.

So it is with dreams. They are invisible, but powerful. You cannot see them, but they keep everything going.

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