Today, five years after the birth of the initiative, more than 98 percent of Admiral employees participate in the Dream Manager Program. Home ownership among employees has tripled in five years, consumer debt among employees has been reduced by 40 percent…and 2,785 significant dreams have been accomplished.

Turnover has fallen from 400 percent to just 12 percent over the five-year period, and Admiral's internal placement program accounts for 70 percent of that turnover. Gross revenue has tripled, and the number of employees has risen from 407 to 743, including 11 Dream Managers. Profits have risen every quarter since the program was initiated.

Once a month, employees meet with the Dream Manager in order to take time to dream up a richer, more abundant future for themselves and their families.

Today, the children twelve years and older of Admiral employees can meet with a Dream Manager once a month to discuss their future, their dreams…

Beginning next year, and as a result of the latest survey, the grandchildren fifteen years and older of employees will be able to meet with a Dream Manager once a month.

It seems we are never too young to start dreaming big dreams.

It's not hard to see why Admiral doesn't have a turnover problem anymore, is it?

At the last annual dinner for employees, Greg said in his speech, “Why are so many people so amazed by what we do here at Admiral? I ask myself this question all the time. Why is it so surprising to people to discover that if you treat people like people, they respond like people? Dreams are at the core of every person. It is there that our passion for life is ignited.”

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