The Unspoken Need

“What do people need?” Simon drilled his team of Dream Managers.

“Meaningful work,” one replied.

“Or?” Simon asked.

“The sense that they are progressing and advancing,” another offered.


“The belief that they are moving toward the fulfillment of their dreams,” a third team member added.

“And what is your job?”

“To help people articulate their dreams.”


“Assist them in formulating a plan for the achievement of short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals.”

“How do you know if it's a good plan?” Simon continued his questioning.

“It has to be manageable and measurable, and at the same time it needs to stretch them.”

“Why is a plan important?”

Nobody answered. The DMs who had been there longer knew the answer but wanted the newer DMs to work it out.

“Open your Dream Manuals to page seventy-six,” Simon said, raising his voice just for effect. Sean and Michelle had put together a Dream Manual that outlined the process for the employees. “What does it say?”

“Those who fail to plan can plan to fail,” they replied in unison.

“Why do we do what we do?” Simon asked now.

Alex, one of the new guys, said, “'Cause I'm a good guy!” and the room chuckled.

“Wrong, but thanks for playing. Why do we do what we do?” Simon continued.

Michelle spoke up now, saying, “Because people spend most of their lives working, so they should enjoy it, or at the very least know that it is moving them in the direction of their dreams.”

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