After almost four years of resisting, Simon had finally decided to do some consulting around the Dream Manager concept and principles. Greg had agreed to let him have one day a week off to work as a consultant with other companies. So Simon teamed up with a couple of old friends in Chicago to launch a consulting company.

His first client was the bank his friend Ed worked for. They piloted a test program in the Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana region for six months. It was phenomenally successful, so they launched a Dream Manager Program for the bank's best customers…and their business in the region exploded.

Simon wasn't doing it for the money. He wanted to know for himself, and prove to others, that the idea had merit beyond the janitorial industry.

Over the next twelve months, he helped a bank, a fast-food chain, an insurance company, and a hotel chain all address and begin to tame their massive teamwork and turnover problems.

As he suspected, people in every industry have dreams.

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