Everybody Sells

Petra worked for Admiral cleaning office buildings in the downtown area on the overnight shift. Her uncle managed a building on Fifth Street and at their family Christmas party she said to him, “Uncle Joe, why don't you let us clean your building? You know we'll do a better job.”

In March, when the contract was up for renewal, her uncle Joe had Admiral bid on the job. On the first of June, they started taking care of his building.

“I heard we got the contract for old man Lindner's building on Fifth Street,” Greg called down the hall to Simon.

Simon got up and walked down to his office.

“It's true, but did you hear how we got the contract?” Simon replied.

When Greg heard the story, he called over to Accounting and had them cut a check for one thousand dollars. On his way home, he drove by the building where Petra was working, thanked her, and gave her the check.

Again, word spread through Admiral like wildfire, and now everyone on the payroll was looking for new business for Admiral.

Admiral's sales force went from three rainmakers to an army of more than 550 salespeople overnight. Everywhere they went, employees were looking for new business.

And the business experienced another explosion.

“It just makes sense if you really stop and think about it,” Greg explained to the executive team. “Most businesses fail because they have a few rainmakers and an army of administrative support. In any successful business, everybody has to be part of the sales force. When everybody sells, you're destined to succeed.”

The atmosphere in the room for these executive meetings was now one of camaraderie. Some of the team members wouldn't have chosen one another as friends in a social setting, but that created a necessary diversity. That diversity gave birth to dynamic collaboration.

What they had always wanted to believe was now before their eyes to be witnessed and experienced. Once people know you care about them, that you are invested in them, they respond in kind, and then everybody sells.

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