In June of that same year, Greg was honored as Entrepreneur of the Year in the State of Ohio, and was entered into the national competition.

The national award ceremony was held at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas and all fifty nominees were there, along with their guests, friends, and family — three thousand people in all. To help him celebrate, Greg took thirty-four of Admiral's employees with him to Vegas. Each of the seventeen teams and departments was allowed to elect two representatives to make the trip.

In his speech, Greg acknowledged Simon as the bold and brilliant mind behind the Dream Manager Initiative and spoke about how he had watched the dreams of so many people, from so many different backgrounds and so many different pay scales, come to fruition.

You could have heard a pin drop.

“So to finish, let me just say this. We all have dreams. The earlier we start dreaming, and the more mentors and friends we have who urge us on toward our dreams, the richer our lives become. In time, we learn to help others achieve their dreams, and so the cycle continues. Many of the people who work for Admiral come from a background of poverty. What I have realized over the past three or four years is that poverty is not about money. The real poverty is the poverty of opportunities. At Admiral, we believe in dreams, and we give people the opportunity to live their dreams! We set out to solve a very specific problem and instead we discovered the essence of life. What's your dream, and why aren't you living it?”

The crowd rose to their feet and clapped and cheered, and thirty-four Admiral employees could not have been prouder.

A week before Christmas, Admiral was voted the Most Admired Company in the city. Who would have imagined? A janitorial company was walking away with an honor usually awarded to some chic advertising agency or multinational corporation.

More than ever, Greg, Simon, Sean, and the rest of the Dream Managers were being inundated with requests to do media interviews, and a day never passed when a headhunter didn't call someone on the team and ask them to start the Dream Manager Program at another company.

But nobody did interviews, and nobody left Admiral.

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