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Since getting back from the Caribbean, everybody had been asking Simon what the team had decided while they were away. Simon explained that they hadn't decided anything, only that they had come up with some new ideas for the expansion and improvement of the Dream Manager Program, and now they wanted to have the employees' input on these new ideas.

The only thing the group had set in stone while they were away was that they needed to reach full participation in the Dream Manager Program as soon as possible. At this point, only 65 percent of employees had been initiated into the program. With Sean and Michelle's workloads the way they were, it would be up to a year before the rest of the employees who wanted to participate were active in the program.

This backlog meant hiring at least one, and maybe two more Dream Managers. But they wanted the other employees' feedback on this, so the full-participation idea was included alongside their other ideas.

The surveys went out and came back in record time and with a record level of respondents. Again, employees were instructed that they could participate anonymously if they wished. However, if employees chose to include their names on the survey, they had the option of having the survey passed on to their Dream Manager.

Ninety-six percent of the respondents put their names on the survey, and 100 percent of those requested that their surveys be passed on to their Dream Manager, even though many of these respondents had still not had their first meeting with a Dream Manager.

The overwhelming majority of employees listed full participation as the number one priority of the Dream Manager Program over the next three to six months.

Greg, Simon, Sean, Michelle, and Sandra had come up with some great ideas, but they had missed something that might not have occurred to them had they spent six months in the Caribbean.

The number one request from the employees in this survey was that their children be able to meet with the Dream Manager.

“Our children need a Dream Manager,” or similar phrasing, appeared on 71 percent of the surveys returned.

What was true with the first survey was also true for the latest survey: It's almost never what you think it's going to be.

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