One Year Later…

Over the next year, employee turnover fell from around 400 percent to 224 percent. It had been a tough year, and turnover was still a serious problem and a top priority at Admiral, but real progress had been made. A record profit had been posted, and Simon and Greg both knew that the reduced turnover was the biggest contributing factor. And the other factors were all derivatives of having addressed the turnover crisis.

It was also interesting to note that sick days were down 31 percent from the previous year, and lateness had been reduced by 65 percent. The managers noted at their quarterly off-site review how much pressure this had taken off them and their teams.

Simon left a report outlining these results on Greg's desk, and left the office.

As he drove home that night, Simon had a genuine feeling of satisfaction. He knew he had not solved the problem entirely and he was still having to hire far too many people. But he knew he had begun something revolutionary, and that gave him a deep sense of fulfillment.

The next morning, Greg came into Simon's office with a bonus.

“I want you to know I doubted you at every turn, but the survey and the shuttle bus ideas were great. I actually see the reduced stress among people. It's more enjoyable for me to come to work, and even though at times I can be rude and impatient, I want you to know that I am grateful.”

Simon could hardly believe his ears. It took a moment for him to shift into that gear with Greg, and by the time he did, it was over.

“I need you to do another survey!” Greg barked.

Simon just about fell off his chair. “You hate my surveys.”

“I know. I know. But that was in the past. I hated your surveys when they were costing me money. Now they're making me money. Find out what's next on the list,” Greg said.

“What list?” Simon asked, toying with him a little.

“The 'Why people leave Admiral' list!” Greg insisted. “And hire another assistant. You're going to need one. We are going to get to the bottom of this turnover thing and build an extraordinary team.”

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