Attitude Shift

The first change was a new attitude among the employees. The managers pointed it out to Greg and Simon at the weekly managers' meeting.

“You have no idea how grateful some of these people are. Every day is a struggle for some of them. They want to work, they need to work, but for so long, they've believed that everyone's against them, including us,” announced Brad, one of the four regional managers.

“I have to agree,” said Juan, another of the regional managers. “It's a simple thing, but it has made their difficult lives just a little bit easier and they appreciate that. The fact that, as a company, we've bothered to try to understand part of their struggle really means something to them.”

Not all of Admiral's employees were using the bus system, much less than half, in fact, but a powerful message had been sent.

In a very real and practical way, the lives of many Admiral employees had been touched, and Greg and Simon started to notice a change in the attitude of employees when they were asked to do something. There was a new spirit of cooperation…you could see the adversarial spirit dissolving…

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