Motivation is a tricky and a beautiful subject. There's no other subject that has been written about so much and it's the top agenda for all managers. Motivation is impacted by so many different factors, and many of these factors act all together while pulling in different directions. In essence, study of motivation is a study of human behavior.

All managers should spend time learning theories on human behavior and motivation. In case it gets too confusing, you can go back to the basics:

Treat people with respect and fairness.

Be an enabler and be flexible.

Set clear deliverables and expectations.

Be clear about compensation. Don't promise what you can't deliver.

At the end of the day, it's just people like yourself who you are dealing with. They are all individuals who have joined the organization in order to contribute, to learn, and to earn. They are already motivated when they join the company. What led that motivation to be eroded? Managers will have to work with each individual to help them find their way and keep the magic that was there since day one.

Every person hired in the team joins with a goal to contribute and grow, and it's best if the manager can keep him or her motivated. But what if the new hire is not really a good fit, technically or culturally, for the team? Whatever the effort from the manager, the returns will be marginal. In the next chapter, we will get into the details of various aspects of hiring and how we can avoid hiring mistakes.

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