Less social interaction

Another symptom of low motivation is that people start to spend less and less time with their team. The usual 4 p.m. coffee group starts to see one person not joining them for one reason or the other. Even when one joins, the interaction is limited.

People start to skip any team event, like a team lunch or team picnic or a launch event. Sometimes they'll sign up to avoid other people asking them reasons for the same, but have no real intentions of showing up.

Managers can take a clue from these behaviors and start observing an employee in greater detail. Motivation is a state of mind, and the earlier you address it, the easier it is to address. A simple and honest 101 can bring out some of these key issues and perhaps the tide can be turned.

Every year during budgeting and salary review sessions, one discussion is repeated with no conclusion. Is money a motivator? How much money is really a motivation in the current market? Let's examine the issue.

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