No contest — passivity — low engagement

Another form in which low motivation shows up as is the lower engagement level of the employee. Given an assignment, a demotivated employee will just do it without much thought being applied.

Rakesh walked up to his manager's office, and he knew he was going to get some more work to do. Rakesh's manager, Sanjay, explained the new changes that the customer had asked in the module that Rakesh was working on. Through the conversation, Rakesh wanted to say something, but didn't. He wasn't convinced that all the changes were required and some of them looked downright incorrect to him. However, Rakesh simply listened to the whole explanation, took notes, and quickly walked out with an Ok. In the whole ten minutes of the conversation, Rakesh spoke for less than 60 seconds.

Rakesh's deep understanding of the module makes his opinion very valuable, but he is not really interested in discussing it with his manager. He prefers to just do it without applying his valuable judgment.

Low engagement is a slow poison, and sometimes hard to detect, as the work goes on and there is no protest, but at the same time, people are not putting in their 100 percent. Managers should always encourage 100 percent participation from their team in every activity; anything lower need not be expected.

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