Lack of attention to detail

Employees find it hard to focus when motivation is low. The mind and body aren't in a great state to pay attention to detail. Here's an example:

Sumit was a good Product Manager, but suffering from low motivation since he got passed up for a foreign assignment. Ritesh, his manager, asked Sumit to prepare a presentation for a customer visit. It was a fairly simple task of taking the screenshots and writing a few bullets about the features. Sumit had done this so many times before, and although he really didn't feel like doing it one more time, he quickly completed the task and went home.

The next day at the customer's office, Sumit and Ritesh set up the projector and started the presentation to an audience that had the top people in the customer's local organization. To their horror, all the screenshots had the Windows task bar as well as multiple tabs of Sumit's browser window from the previous day. It showed the titles of all the sites and applications Sumit was looking at the previous day. Some of them were downright embarrassing: a dating site, a free music site, a playing media player, and some others. Needless to say, Sumit got an earful.

This is an example of what happens when people don't pay attention to detail that is expected of their job function. Programmers don't handle all the boundary conditions and tests, process owners miss out on key pointers visible from the data, and there might be several others which are not killer mistakes, but incur a cost for the organization.

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