Lack of opportunities to show their potential is demotivating

Having the potential and not getting a chance to utilize it is like having a million bucks and not getting a chance to spend it.

In the early days of a job, the focus is on learning. There are a lot of new things; new challenges in terms of just learning and getting comfortable with the requirements of the job. Through this learning process itself, people get to see a process, a product, and a system from a third person perspective. Almost always, folks have suggestions on how to make it better. Even campus hires that are working for the first time in a business environment have an opinion to share.

That's the nature of a thinking person, who not only absorbs what he/she sees but also analyzes at the same time and is not afraid to voice his/her opinions.

People need an avenue to realize their potential and stretch their imagination. When the job doesn't offer enough opportunities for people to contribute in multiple ways and try new things, people lose interest slowly but surely.

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