Poor working conditions are demotivators

In our industry, the air-conditioning and a clean office is given. These are easily met by every organization and are literally the hygiene factors. However, there are other factors such as a reliable, fast network, good hardware, and readily available support that are also part of the working conditions.

You may ask, "So what if the screen loads 30 seconds later?", how does it impact motivation? And the co-relation is not immediately visible but it does exist.

A few years back, a large company switched to a new set of technologies, and that made heavy demands on the network. As a consequence, every developer had to wait a few extra seconds for the application to load, as well as a half-a-second delay between a mouse click and the screen response to appear. It was frustrating to start with, but people had no choice, as they had to deliver, and while it didn't really make a difference in the overall time, it was annoying, to say the least.

In a couple of months, this half-a-second delay became the most talked about topic. Every conversation between a team member and a team lead had a mention of this half-a-second delay.

A person described it, quite dramatically, as: "It is as if someone blows a short trumpet, truuu....truuu....truuu, every 3 seconds into your ear while you are trying to concentrate on work".

Something like this kills the interest to work and it's repulsive to the extent that people would avoid spending extra time on the application.

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