Lack of adequate and timely compensation is a demotivator

While we work for many reasons, at the end of the day, compensation is a big reason why people work and especially why people work for someone else. If one had a lot of money to spare, they would probably work for themselves and cater to their personal expression and learning.

When compensation is not adequate or doesn't show up on time, people feel cheated. It's a big word to use, but that's perhaps the closest way to describe it. It is a fact that people do evaluate themselves in terms of the compensation they receive. While compensation is not everything, it is a lot!

The lack of adequate compensation works a little differently in the knowledge industry. People don't really slow down in work, but they lose motivation to work for this company. So lack of compensation may not show up in terms of output loss of an individual, but as reduction in collective output of the team due to attrition and time lag of hiring and training new employees.

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