Hope of a better future is motivating

A car runs on petrol, but also runs on air. Without air the petrol can't be burned. Hope is like that. You need skills, proper compensation, and so on to do a job, but you need hope of growth, hope of more money, and the hope of better working conditions to keep you going everyday.

Hope of a better future motivates people to do better and get to that future. Especially when the chips are down, and the current situation dosen't look so good, people live on hope. People will work through the problems and try to solve them to make a better future.

Without hope of a better future, most people will end up quitting very soon. People lose motivation not because they can't handle a problem, but because they don't see things getting better.

Managers always need to show the future picture and how the future will be achieved by the actions of today.

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