Power is motivating: power to choose, power to shape the future

Power is very powerful! While power has different effects on different people, power is always addictive. People are motivated by the desire for more power, desire to exercise power, and the desire to retain power.

Power is not just authority over another person. The power that is most desired is the power to choose. In a high education industry, people love the freedom to do things their own way. While conformance is required in many places, there's always room for individual creativity and individual expression. Managers must leave that room there and allow people to apply their judgment and style to situations.

Power to shape the future of the product, power to shape the future of a client relationship, and power to shape the processes in the team and their own future is a big motivation for many people in the knowledge industry. Managers should allow team members to participate and contribute to future plans. Even if someone is new to the job, it helps to discuss the future and present future plans, seeking review and comments. Everyone should also feel that they have the opportunity to suggest improvements and make a positive difference to the team and the work itself.

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