Team bonding is motivating

We all spend a very significant amount of our time at work and with our co-workers. When there is team bonding and a strong team spirit, every action that helps the team achieve its goals adds to the standing of an individual within the team. People get peer recognition when team bonding is strong.

Team bonding helps people get over problems collectively and people feel stronger and more capable when part of a strong team. A higher sense of capability, a sense of someone is watching my back, and a sense of I have people who care about me helps people go for their goals with a positive attitude.

Managers play a big part in facilitating and encouraging team bonding. Managers should feel ok to let people hang-out at the cafeteria a little longer than a coffee break, as it's a sign people like to spend time with each other. Encourage collaboration more than individual glory and let the team be bigger than any one individual.

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