Success is motivating

Tasting success is like tasting blood. It's a high that you will want to experience again and again. The more successes people get, the better they are at creating more success for themselves. Not only because of acquiring better skills, but also because they are more motivated to get there.

Managers need to create systems that allow for more successes. For every project to be done, don't have only the final delivery as the success.

You can create smaller milestones and success criteria. Once you get to a milestone, celebrate and compliment people on their success. This allows people to get their regular dose of success and they look forward to the next one. The ultimate success is extremely important too, hence at every milestone celebration, talk about how close or far you are from the ultimate success. This keeps people aware of the progress they are making towards the big success.

Beyond individual success, the success of the company also matters. In India, people prefer to work for large brand name companies. Besides safety, there is a certain esteem associated with a large brand name. People love to see their company in the newspaper for a big announcement and praise from the world. By association, they feel part of the success.

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