Need for affiliation

Everyone has the need for affiliation. Almost everyone wants to have friends, to be part of a group, and to have a family. Need for affiliation drives individuals to create life long relationships and abide by the rules of a civil society. How strong the need is depends on an individual.

People with low drive for affiliations will tend to have fewer friends and avoid networking. They should avoid jobs like sales and program management where your networking and group abilities are important to the job function. At the other end, people with an extremely high need for affiliation may become dependent on their relationships and groups. They go along with group decisions, regardless of whether they like them or not.

Indians, in general, are group conformists, and have a high affiliation need. It's a cultural thing, and you can find people in groups all over the place — groups of people at a tea-stall, groups of people visiting someone at the hospital, and even policemen standing in a group while they are supposed to be patrolling. One of the key elements of an organization's success at IDC is the strength of team bonding. Once a team starts to break and some key members of the team leave, more people follow.

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