Esteem needs

Once the physical, safety, and social needs are met, people aspire for esteem. As people grow in their careers, they get heavier titles and more visibility, which serves to fulfill their esteem needs, as titles indicate a higher or significant position in the organization.

Recognition and rewards help add to the esteem. Especially in India, titles mean a lot. Most folks want to be a manager as soon as they can. People attach different esteem values to different things. For some, earning more money is a matter of esteem and for others, a national award is the better factor.

Esteem also implies respect and praise, which is almost a basic need in the high education, high skill knowledge industry. However, respect and praise counts most from people who you have respect for. An appreciative word coming from a technical architect may be more valuable to you versus a kind word from your line of business VP or the other way around.

People also see social status as adding to esteem. Hence bigger, more expensive cars, luxury vacations, and fancy restaurants tend to get on the list as people grow and other needs are met.

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