Love and belonging needs

Once people have their basic physical needs met, and feel reasonably secure, they look for fulfilling the belonging and love needs. Team bonding and being part of an elite team or a group becomes something that people value.

Team spirit and team bonding have a huge impact on keeping people together and creating team successes. People wish to fulfill the group needs: they would like to support the group and the group goals.

Being part of a strong group makes people comfortable. You believe your opinions matter to those in the group, and other group members care about you as an individual.

Love is a big word, but one of the key factors in people giving their best for the organization is when they see that the organization cares cares about the wellbeing of its employees, cares about their feelings, cares about them as human beings and not just as workers. The face of the organization is the direct manager of an employee. It works wonders when a manager really cares about the wellbeing of the individual.

Another aspect of love and belonging needs is the need to be with the family. Many engineers are open to taking a job anywhere in the country when they start their careers, and in a few years, once the safety needs are taken care of, that is, they are much more employable and can find a job elsewhere, they try to come closer to their hometowns.

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