Everyone's motivation is somewhat different

We know that no two people are the same. Even twin brothers, who grew up together in the same environment, tend to have different likes and dislikes. Clearly, each team member has a slightly different set of motivating factors, which will also be different from your own.

What appeals to you may not appeal to another person. Managers love to talk about, "once I did..." to refer to something they did. It may be interesting information, but it has little impact on another's motivation.

A person who is motivated by technology can't be motivated to work on outdated technology even when you compensate them extra. A person who is very attached to his family will be motivated to work in a town that allows him to be with his family. A person who is motivated to go for higher studies and earn a Ph.D. may give up on a very good MNC job, not for future money, but for the learning and to be part of the elite Ph.D. group.

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