Understanding motivation

Now that we bring the long word motivation, closer to the simpler word willingness, it seems a little easier to relate to it. Motivation is not just to want something but also to have the desire to create the action in order to fulfill a want.

Motivation isn't just a business subject that needs to be analyzed in terms of work; it has always applied to all people in all situations. Go back to your college days and question: why were you motivated to spend time on certain subjects and not on others? You possibly scored well in those subjects. It's the same brain which needs to acquire knowledge of Subject A versus Subject B, and scoring well in each one is equally important, but you were drawn towards one more than the other. Do you think that certain teachers were so good that you always wanted to attend their class? Sometimes the subject was pretty easy for you but the class was so much fun that you wouldn't want to miss it. In another case, it was a subject that was a weak spot for you and even when the class was not really fun, you wanted to be there to get a better understanding. These are different reasons for the same action of being in the class and spending time on a given activity.

And then there were those people who you would want to spend time with; some of them became friends for life. There were movies that you didn't particularly want to watch, but went along to see anyway, and ended up enjoying some, and maybe slept through the others, but you went along anyway without much persuasion since you were motivated to spend time with your friends.

So the first thing to understand about motivation is that it isn't anything new. It's always been something you have dealt with every day of your life and it'll be even more relevant as you go through the stages of life; as you have a family and kids, as you grow older and the body starts creaking, and as you wish you could attain the same fitness level that you had a few years ago. Everything requires some motivation.

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