Understanding motivation
Desire is given but action is not
Everything takes some motivation
Everyone's motivation is somewhat different
Basic factors are common
It's not just your responsibility
There's such a thing as self-motivation
Demotivators are different from motivators
Everyone is motivated to work
Motivation theories
Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory
Physiological needs
Safety needs
Love and belonging needs
Esteem needs
Putting Maslow's pyramid together in today's context
Herzberg's motivation — hygiene and two-factor theory
McClelland's motivational needs theory
Need for power
Need for achievement
Need for affiliation
All three factors
What's motivating in today's workplace?
Success is motivating
Team bonding is motivating
Power is motivating: power to choose, power to shape the future
A challenge is motivating
A manager's confidence and belief in the individual is motivating
Hope of achieving greatness is motivating
Hope of a better future is motivating
What is demotivating?
Uncertainty is demotivating
No social status is demotivating
Fear, threats, and disrespect are huge demotivators
Lack of adequate and timely compensation is a demotivator
Poor working conditions are demotivators
Lack of opportunities to show their potential is demotivating
Lack of learning is demotivating
Signs of low motivation
Lack of attention to detail
Dragging feet
Dropped catches...too many misses at work
No contest — passivity — low engagement
Less social interaction
Is money a motivator?