Managing — Remoteness, Work-Life, Gen Y, and Diversity

Managing — Remoteness, Work-Life, Gen Y, and Diversity
Managing remoteness
Remote employee means
You can't see him/her — visual observation is lost
You only see results, not efforts
Distrust creeps in — wonder what he is up to
Relationship becomes very 'black box'
Out of sight, out of mind
Everything becomes harder, requiring extra effort
A remote leader becomes very important, just for being remote
Making remoteness work
Indulge in chitchat
Embrace new technology to get closer
Set expectations with the remote employee to communicate more
Formalize some of the communication
Make it two-way
Drive by setting clear goals and success criteria
More frequent checkpoints
Open sessions
Get into detail rather than just 'everything is fine'
Evaluate if it's working
Don't become the only face of the remote team; let them have their identity
Don't overdo it — excessive reporting
Leverage the 'local' for the remote employee
Provision for travel — make it economical
Make travel meaningful
Work-life balance
Understanding work, life, and the balance
What is work?
What is life?
What is work-life balance (WLB)?
WLB is NOT an equal number of hours
Achievement and fulfillment are key
Enjoyment test
Work is NOT life, but work IS life too
Balance now is better than balance later
Why managers should encourage WLB
An individual's WLB is an employee's responsibility; managers only support it
Common reasons of losing WLB
Managing Indian Gen Y
Some characteristics of Gen Y
Gen Y employee behavior
Smart working
Nothing is impossible
Open and transparent
Secure — there's always another job
Don't Alt-Tab
Very social — diverse
Respect for the individual rather than the position
Ownership, decision-making, and choices are important
Managing diversity
Diversity is natural
Shun stereotypes
Early training
Diversity doesn't mean the 'same' treatment
Celebrate the diversity
As an individual, learn about different cultures
Be aware of various diversity programs run by the organization
Enjoy the food
No jokes about a particular community
Be quick to stop a conversation that is bordering on discrimination, even in humor