Personal competence

Personal competencies determine our understanding of self and how we control and leverage our emotions:

Self awareness: This is all about knowing yourself, your emotions, and the effects of these emotions on you. When do you feel happy? When do you feel satisfied? When do you feel hurt? Do you understand which emotions make you bonkers? As a person, what are your strengths and weaknesses. Do you consider yourself high on confidence?

Self regulation: This is the management of yourself, your emotions, your responses, controlling your impulses, and leveraging your strengths and managing your weaknesses. Self regulation also applies to managing your indulgences and greed and staying honest and trustworthy.

Motivation: This is about emotional tendencies that guide and facilitate reaching goals. Do you have a drive to achieve? Do you strive to attain your goals? Do you try to improve in order to exceed the set standards of excellence? Do you have a resolve to complete what you started and attain the results, despite problems? Do you align your efforts with the efforts of others in order to get the synergy required and attain larger goals?

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