Myth: quiet people can't be managers

Many people believe that managers are people who stand up and speak at every opportunity. It's not uncommon to see meetings where the manager takes all the talking time with very little being said by anyone else.

Remember the term talkative. The term instantaneously takes us back to middle school, when kids who would talk too much in the class were called talkative. It's often believed that managers need to be talkative. At every opportunity they get, they talk. It is indeed true that a large number of managers tend to talk too much, and unfortunately the problem grows over the years. Over time, people tend to avoid managers who ramble.

You can be a quiet person as such, and as long as you don't shy away from speaking when it is required, quietness will be a strength. I have been fortunate to meet a lot of highly successful managers, who are quiet by usual standards but have an impeccable record of delivery and team management.

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