Talent is an oft-used word in business today. A pure definition of talent from Webster's Dictionary (1913) is as follows:

Intellectual ability, natural or acquired; mental endowment or capacity; skill in accomplishing; a special gift, particularly in business, art, or the like; faculty.

It sounds like a lot of things, but the key phrases are intellectual, natural, and skill in accomplishing. Talents are supposed to be God's gift to you being applied to a specific craft or job. Specific application is the key phrase here.

In a usual conversation, we say, "This person is very talented". Most Indians would concur that "Yuvraj Singh is a talented cricketer". In these statements, we clearly imply the fact we refer to the potential of Yuvraj Singh as a cricketer, his applied skill.

It is very possible that Yuvraj Singh could have become a successful soccer player had he chosen to pursue that. Anyway, we are all glad that he chose cricket.

Michael Jordan, the basketball legend, is an excellent golfer now and he tried his hand at professional baseball as well. Both Yuvraj and Jordan have most certainly a combination of different talents, such as physical stamina, focus, and discipline, which when applied to a particular sport created a great performance.

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